We are not satellite. While we do add a small radio onto your structure, it connects back to one of our many towers which are fed with our fiber line in Bakersfield. Read our blog article called What is Fixed Wireless to learn more.
We accept In-Office cash payments, checks, money orders, cashiers checks, ACH Debit, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Discover, JCB and Diners Club.
We are truely unlimited! We dont have soft nor hard caps. You can Use as much data as you want every month, your bill will never change!
It depends, if you are a residential customer, a free managed router is included at no additional cost.
With Business planss, due to the complexity of most business networks, a managed router is NOT included as the network infrastructure is already in place.
All credit card, banking, and personal information is stored on PCI compliant servers and are audited several times per year for continuing compliance.
Lake Linx's wireless network employs the latest and most robust wireless encryption available with state-of-the-art equipment, is PCI compliant and is constantly monitored.
You can use the service within the range of the included wireless router in your home or office.
Lake Linx does not yet offer Public WiFi Hotspots.
The amount of bandwidth you need depends on these factors: how many people or devices are connected to the internet at the same time and the kind of use (streaming movies or TV, gaming, or browsing).
The bandwidth for each package is divided among all of the connected devices. The more of these things you want to do at the same time, the more bandwidth you need. Refer to the plan comparison for more information.
No, Lake Linx provides your Internet connectivity using high speed wireless technology. There is no need for cable or telephone service for our connection.
Lake Linx professionally mounts an antenna on your rooftop or exterior wall, then runs a CAT 5 wire (data wire with 4 pairs of wires) down the outside wall of your home (we try to follow a rain gutter to hide the cable).
We then bring the cable into your home by drilling a small hole or following an existing entry into the home such as a duct or prior cable, phone or satellite TV installation entry. An Ethernet end is installed on the inside of an exterior wall which connects to the power supply or router.
Our advertised service installation rates are for standard service installations.
Standard installations may include the following:
Materials Included:
  • Up to 100ft of CAT5e Cable
  • Lake Linx Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), standard antenna and PoE Injector (Power over Ethernet)
  • Standard Fascia Mount, and Antenna Stand-off
  • Antenna and/or Ethernet Grounding if necessary
Labor Included
  • Installation of Antenna on roof, sidewall or structure attached to your home
  • Ethernet entering your home via existing access hole or create new access via outside wall
  • Programming of a Single Router or Computer to access our network
We do not allow for self-installation of services with the exception of apartment complexes where we use a Cable Modems to deliver service.
We do not typically allow any use of older existing hardware inlcuding but not limited to radio, antenna or CAT5 to deliver service however upon a complete thourough inspection it may be used.
We can typically have service installed within 3 business days of placing an order. Once we’ve determined that the service will work at your location (site survey), it takes about 1 hour to complete a standard installation, and 4 hours for DIA installation in most cases.