FCC Open Internet Disclosure

October 25, 2022

Lake Linx, Inc, (the Company) provides this information in good faith effort to comply with the disclosures required by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) revised ‘transparency’ rule.

Lake Linx, Inc. is a fixed wireless Internet provider providing wireless internet services to the citizens and business of the Kern River Valley, California.

These practices, characteristics, terms and conditions are intended to help preserve the Internet as an open framework that enables consumer choice, freedom of expression, end-user control, competition, and freedom to innovate without permission, while permitting the Lake Linx, Inc to manage the network reasonably.

  1. Network Management Practices

    Lake Linx, Inc. manages the company network with the goal of providing the best practicable Fixed Wireless Internet experience to all of Lake Linx, Inc. customers. Within the scope of Lake Linx, Inc. resources, we attempt to deploy and maintain adequate capacity and facilities within our own network and to have sufficient capacity of facilities outside the company’s service area.

    1. Congestion Management

      Lake Linx, Inc. does not implement any congestion management techniques. In the event of congestion on our network, all traffic is classified as best effort. Congestion may be caused by capacity limits and bottlenecks in our network or by limitations in the capacity of incoming transport facilities provided by other internet carriers. To the best of our knowledge, Lake Linx, Inc. has not experienced recent problems with congestion. If significant congestion problems arise in the future, Lake Linx, Inc. approach is to determine the source of the problem and to increase the capacity of the affected portions of our network.

    2. Application-Specific Behavior

      Lake Linx, Inc. does not favor or inhibit certain applications or classes of applications. Customers may use any lawful and commercially available applications which they desire on Lake Linx, Inc.’s network. Our company does not normally monitor the contents of the traffic or applications of our customers. Lake Linx, Inc. undertakes no obligation to monitor or investigate the lawfulness of the applications used by our customers. If any party contacts us with a substantial allegation that an application being used by a customer is unlawful, we will investigate the matter (including consultation, as it deems appropriate, with attorney, consultants, federal or state regulators, and/or federal, state or local law enforcement agencies), and will take appropriate actions to deal with the use of applications that are demonstrated to be unlawful. Customers may develop their own applications. Lake Linx, Inc. will not prohibit the use of customer-developed or modified applications unless there is a reasonable belief that the application will cause harm to our network. Lake Linx, Inc. does not block or rate-control specific protocols or protocol ports. Lake Linx, Inc. does not modify protocol fields in ways that are not prescribed by applicable protocol standards.

    3. Device Attachment Rules

      Lake Linx, Inc. requires customers to use ONLY the customer premise equipment (“CPE”) provided to them by, and owned by, Lake Linx, Inc. to connect to its network. ONLY Lake Linx, Inc. employees or authorized agents are allowed to access the back-end interfaces of these devices. Users of the services are not authorized to configure or install this equipment themselves. Once the CPE has been installed, configured, and connected properly to the network, the customer is welcome to install any compatible equipment to the CPE in order to facilitate the sharing of the Internet to any devices that are located on the same property as the CPE. The sharing of services with neighbors or devices on nearby properties is strictly prohibited.

    4. Security

      Lake Linx, Inc. also employs certain practices to protect the security of the network from unwanted and harmful activities. These include practices designed to protect our servers and network devices against Denial of Service attacks and to prevent viruses, worms, spyware, spam, and identity theft. In order to ensure the effectiveness of our security practices, Lake Linx, Inc. does not publicly disclose specific information detailing the levels and types of activities that may trigger or deployment of security protection measures. When security measures are employed, they may affect performance characteristics of service or the ability to gain unauthorized access to the network.

    5. Traffic Blocking

      Lake Linx, Inc. does not block any lawful content, applications, devices, and/or non-harmful devices. The only potential exceptions where blocking may occur would be unlawful or harmful circumstances. Lake Linx, Inc. does not knowingly impair, degrade or delay the traffic on our network. Congestion may from time to time impair, degrade or delay some traffic. Lake Linx, Inc does not charge edge service providers of content, applications, service and/or devices any fees simply for transporting traffic between them and their customers.

  2. Performance Characteristics

    Latency is another measurement of the Internet performance. Latency is the time delay in transmitting or receiving packets on the network. Latency is primarily a function of the distance between two points of transmission, but also can be affected by the quality of the network or networks used in transmission; and the distance a customer is located from our access points. Because conditions on these facilities and routes can change frequently, Lake Linx, Inc. can provide estimated actual access speed and latency information only for specific recent time periods requested by customer. Lake Linx, Inc. internet is suitable for real-time applications. The speed a customer subscribes to will impact the efficiency of the real-time applications. For any other concerns concerning performance contact Lake Linx, Inc.

  3. Specialized Services

    Lake Linx, Inc. does not offer specialized services to end users.

  4. Terms of Service

    The terms of service of Lake Linx, Inc’s. Fixed Wireless Internet Access Services are available on our website located in the footer or at the business office as shown in Paragraph D below or by request.

    1. Pricing

      Lake Linx, Inc. offers different levels of service offerings that change as we continue to build out our network. Pricing and service offering are available by contacting the business office. Lake Linx, Inc does not impose fees for early termination. Lake Linx, Inc. does not impose usage-based fees upon certain tiers or levels of our service.

    2. Discrimination

      Lake Linx, Inc. does not impair, degrade or delay VOIP applications or services. Lake Linx, Inc. does not impair, degrade, delay or otherwise inhibit access by Lake Linx, Inc’s customers to lawful content, applications, services or non-harmful devices. Lake Linx, Inc. does not impair free expression such as slowing traffic from websites or blogging sites. Lake Linx, Inc. does not require, or demand pay for priority that directly or indirectly favor some traffic over other traffic. Lake Linx, Inc. does not prioritize our own content, application, services or devices.

    3. Privacy

      Lake Linx, Inc. network management practices do not generally entail inspection of network traffic. Lake Linx, Inc. does not collect, store or use traffic information to profile our customers in order to sell additional services to them, or for similar non-network management purposes.

    4. Redress Options

      Questions and complaints from consumers, entrepreneurs, and other small businesses should be addressed to Lake Linx, Inc Telephone # (760) 379-5469 or by visiting our Lake Isabella office located at 3700 Golden Spur Street, Lake Isabella California, 93240