Upgrade Your Online Experience

Plans & Pricing

Don’t be tied down, all pricing below is Month-to-Month. Risk free so you can cancel at any time


  • 50Mbps down / 12.5Mbps up
  • $95/month
  • Unlimited Data!


  • 100Mbps down / 25Mbps up
  • $180/month
  • Unlimited Data!


  • 250Mbps down / 50Mbps up
  • $350/month
  • Unlimited Data!


  • 1Gbps down / 200Mbps up
  • $—/month
  • Unlimited Data!

Unlimited Bandwidth

Yes, we said it – UNLIMITED!

No data caps, no overage charges, no annoying fees or hidden restrictions. Use as much as you want, we won’t stop you! The world at your fingertips – internet the way it should be!

Our Process

Get Installed in as little as 7 days!

We want you to be connected as much as you want to be. We try our best to get you installed and connected within 5 days of when you make your initial inquiry.

Day 1


Speak with a specialist and ask any questions you may have. Be sure to ask about current promotions!

Day 2-3

Site Survey

Our technicians will stop by to check for line of site to one of our many towers throughout the KRV.

Day 4-7


You will be scheduled for an install that takes approxamately 2 hours.

Day 7

You’re Online!

The world wide web is at your fingertips! Stream, surf, and game away! You have no data limits!

  • Let’s Compare!

    Select your plan

    When selecting a plan, keep in mind of all possible devices in your business that would be online and used at the same time and match it to the chart below.

    • Download Speed
    • Upload Speed
    • Devices
    • 1080p Video Conferences & Streams
    • Installation Fee
    • Truely Unlimited Data
  • Starter

    • 50Mbps
    • 12.5Mbps
    • 1-5
    • 1
    • $99
  • Standard

    • 100Mbps
    • 25Mbps
    • 6-15
    • 2
    • $150
  • Advanced

    • 250Mbps
    • 50Mbps
    • 16-30
    • 4
    • $250
  • Blazing

    • 1Gbps
    • 200Mbps
    • 100+
    • 20
    • $500