Privacy Policy

October 25, 2022

Lake Linx, Inc is committed to maintaining its members’ privacy.

Lake Linx, Inc is opposed to sharing customer information and internet usage with third-party companies such as advertisers, network monitoring companies, SEO companies, etc. We do not use proxy servers, firewalls, service re-directs or any other method to alter or log your on-line activities. All DNS requests are passed through to Level3 or Google and cached on our routers (for speed purposes) for 48 hours before being deleted.

Data we do collect

We collect and retain user account information (such as name, address, email address, etc) for internal service, support, and billing. For networking and support issues we also log other information (such as mac address, DHCP lease information). All of this information is considered private and is not shared with third parties.

Financial information

All on-line payment processing is done by a third party and Lake Linx, Inc. does not have access to your credit card or bank information.

Governmental requests

Requests for user information will only be surrendered as legally required (e.g. a subpoena).

That being said…

Understand that your data will travel across many different providers and services on the Internet. They will have different privacy policies. It is best to assume your data is being collected and possibly stored at various points on the Internet beyond the Lake Linx Network, including websites you visit. Using sites that encrypt your transmission (ie: https) will help in securing your data, as will the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPN). Never provide sensitive or private information to non-encrypted websites or over non-password protected WiFi or public WiFi.

Lake Linx, Inc. does not firewall or protect your devices. It is up to our members to maintain their own security. While Network Address Translation can help protect from DDoS and other non-targeted attacks, your devices may still be vulnerable based on the sites you visit and links you click on.

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